This gal has a dancing dog, no b



WOW…that is a talented pup. So cute I hadn't seen that one before. Thank you for finding is and sharing.

Oh and Sharron, are you coming down to Gresham by any chance on Friday for the Wilamette Valley Basenji Clubs Anual Specialty Event?

I had planned to come down the whole weekend, but can't get off work..sigh.
As I work on sat, it won't be possible this year…but I will be in Auburn in Aug for the EBC specality...maybe you can come up?
Glad you like the dancing cool!

Well we will miss you down in Oregon. I hope to get up to Auburn in August so hopfully I will see you then. :)…OK now back to how cute that dancing Collie is...SOOO Cute 😃

And there's more:

Kate has done a fabulous job training her pup!

Wow what a great dog (and trainer)!!!!!!!

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