• Our Brother and sister in law have just got a new Pup, tonight they have gone to a party and left us to Puppy sit 😃
    Isn't she sweet

  • Shelley very cute is she a King Charles Spaniel? Was she good for you Auntie?

    Rita Jean

  • That's what I think, a King Charles spaniel. What a cutie!

  • Yes Rita Jean and Lenora, she's Cavalier King Charles. She was realy good for us, she had a bit of a play but slept most of the night. Tom our cat was realy kind to her but unfortunately Jerry wasn't and gave her a swipe. I felt awful as i didn't see it coming and she's such a sweet little thing. Can't believe the difference in getting a Basenji pup and this one. They just decided to get a Dog, searched for a pup and went to get her.
    I have to say that i think our way is best for the Dog.

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