Pug Puppies Arriving Anyday

Absolutely adorable. I think they did good.

Super cute!!!! :D:D:D Pixie looks like she might like being a show dog. 😉


Absolutely adorable. I think they did good.

You didnt see all the "outtakes" :rolleyes:

They all really enjoyed it actually, but they are SO tiny and fast we were paranoid they'd charge off the edge of the table mid-wriggle :p

So, so cute! I can't get over how big they are now. 🙂

So cute and they are really coming on nicely:D

Cute very cute and walking beside you so nice I love the table with the bottle that's great. Really have grown are they about as big as they are going to get?

Rita Jean


Wow, you are going to have my 9 yr old daughter sick with envy. They are so adorable and boy have they grown..

Cute pics, whats on her ears Jess?

They are gorgeous Jessica. So cute.

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