• This litter of Chihuahuas was born without front legs. (Or maybe the dam chewed them off?) They don't know that they are "different" than other dogs. I have to say they are the cutest little stinkers, especially when they are bouncing around hehe. 😃


  • Houston

    oh how adorable..but is so sad..wonder what happened to them.
    Sweet story though and I will look for updates on that site..

  • A litter that has 3 apparently normal puppies who are all missing their front legs led me to believe that they could have been bitten off by their dam at birth or soon thereafter. Motherhood comes natural to most dogs but sometimes the dam will make serious mistakes or even kill her pups. First-time, nervous, or mentally unstable dams are the usual culprits. It's heartbreaking but it happens.

    People will be fighting to adopt those pups though. No doubt about that.

  • I believe many folks are in line to adopt them.
    I hope the owner of the bitch get her fixed.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I believe many folks are in line to adopt them.
    I hope the owner of the bitch get her fixed.

    I agree Sharron….. regardless of how cute they are... and how well they seem to get along... it is a tough road for them.....

    And add to that, a few years ago, we had a poster here that the bitch killed or seriously disfigured the pups... I don't think we ever heard what the final out come was... but goes to show that breeding is not for the beginner that just wants to see puppies born. Might be fine... could be horrible.

  • The fact that the same legs are missing from all the dogs makes me think it is a genetic defect. I can't get my head around the idea that the mother, even if a first time mother with no idea what do to, would bite both front legs off them all - it might be more random in that instance, or more likely she'd have killed them. Sad story all the same. They will have a rough life, but maybe they won't know that so much as their owners will. Like you, I sure hope the mother is immediately fixed.

  • Well, bless them. Animals are resilient and they will go about their lives as if nothing is wrong with them. And there will always be those dear people who will lovingly care for little creatures like this. However, I agree with other posters who have indicated that the bitch NEEDS to be spayed. Whether it is a DNA problem or the bitch doing this to the newborns, spaying needs to be done to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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