• I stopped for fuel in Oklahoma City a couple of months ago and heard over my CB radio something that just frosted my backside.

    "Little AKC trucker buddies…we have Yorkies, Bostons and Shih Tzus for $XXX each, kick it on back to..."

    Well, I called the guy out on it.I told him on no uncertain terms he was at best a BYB, at worst a for-profit puppy mill and probably had poor quality animals or he wouldn't have to be selling them over the CB to people he hasn't screened. I went into a litany of questions he either couldn't answer or answered wrong to. Like: Did he show his animals? Does he have a spay/neuter contract? What happens if it doesn't work out? Where are the dams and sires? Made him look like the jerk he was.

    And he was selling them out of the CB shop across from the Pilot on Morgan road! Apparently, he didn't think there was a driver who knew a thing or two about the AKC and symptoms of puppy milling. Well, I doubt he made any sales that day, but unfortunately, one day isn't enough. I'll lay dollars to donuts he was right back at it the next day.

    Well, they sure do get irritated when they catch the proper label! I think I was still being called names as his voice faded into the distance...:D

  • Good for you! Thank you for speaking up.

  • First Basenji's

    I can imagine the scene over the airways now… that's awesome that you called him on it!
    Hope everyone else listening that day remembered something of the exchange, too.

    p.s. Just out of curiosity how many truckers out there have little canine trucker buddies? Percentage-wise, want to guess? 🙂

  • Way to go, AJ's Momma! I hope to meet you some day in Decatur or Ocala… and I will check all of your 18 tires for proper air pressure/tread wear/hiccups!

    While I don't know the exact number of canine trucker buddies, my guess is that it's not as high as you'd imagine... perhaps 35%?

    And while I'm proud of you for calling out against the puppy mill, I'm also proud of the many drivers that heard your message and LISTENED... I've worked around the trucking industry for the last 12 years, and most drivers are kind hearted folks. Driving a truck isn't a job, it's truly a PROFESSION. 🙂

    A big baroo for you and AJ!

  • Definitely not as many dog-on trucks as you would think. I'd venture to guess about 10% on the high side. Unfortunately, most truck dogs are very fat.

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