Neat Dog Video

I thought this video about Dog/Human interactions was pretty neat.

Very interesting video! Thanks for posting it.

I saw this on tv not too long ago! Very nice to watch!

I think we should start with 'paw stimulation' on three day old basenji pups as well 😉 😃

I've actually watched the entire program on National Geographic a couple of times. It really is interesting. Thanks for posting that.

Great video!! I'll look for the entire version on National Geo channel.

It reminds me of the trainer I knew 35 years ago. I had a Newfie in 4-H Obedience who refused to stay on long down. He taught me the constant eye contact thing and that dog never again released early. Long down/out-of-site was another trick altogether. He was a great guy. I still use his training with kindness techniques for my pets to this day.

that was really interesting. reminds me of the book "If Dogs Could Talk" (bad name for a book, but really good book)

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