Video that made me smile

From another forum..


These are really great :D.
I like the first and from Euro, smart doggies 🆒

Thank you they were super love the beach one looks like they had a blast.

Rita Jean

Wow, these are really well trained. A lot of hard work to get the dogs to that point. Thanks for posting these.

Basenji Mix

Wow - these vids really did make me smile! 🙂 The first one, that started with the barking, got Duke and Daisy hopping too. Thank you. 🙂

Hey, we must be on the same wave length. I've been watching that first one the last couple of days but hadn't seen #3. Here's the other one that got passed around:

I decided to train Zest to bring my slippers to me. I think it took about 4 clicks for her to catch on. Last night I couldn't toss them around the corner and down the hall fast enough. And I have to say, I have heavy soled slippers, so it's not an easy task for a little girl. But she loves to bring me things. A few nights ago she found a wrapper from tenderloin in the yard. (wind blows a lot around here.) "Thank you Zest. Would like a cookie for that?" "Yes, momma, I'd like a cookie and you can have this prize. I thought you'd like it." She's such a good little girl!

Here's pics from last weekend. The first one, the one of the closed tunnel, is from her titling run. So I bought it and now it's in the fridge.

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