A-ha: Famous pop video from Norway 25 years old today

  • Back in the 80's, this was my favourite pop video. My husband and I were into music videos, and we would just stare at the TV, immersed in the song and the visuals.

    The band was called A-ha and the video was called "Take On Me". The lead singer had quite the voice, and was able to reach a really high note in the song, and this helped to make the video kind of special. What I didn't know was that A-ha has been touring in Europe all along and is just now hanging up their instruments and microphones.

    Here's the video, enjoy:


  • First Basenji's

    25 years! My goodness!

    I do remember seeing this on this craaaazy station from back in the day called MTV. 😉 Because of the time, I strongly associate this song with memories of when I first immigrated to the US with my family.

  • Like you Fran, i was realy into music videos in the 80's, actualy still love them now.
    This has got to be one of my favourites.
    The lead singer is just gorgeous, i love his voice, the comic book graphics, the story.
    Guess i got a little carried away there 😉
    Thanks for reminding me of it

  • 25 years….wow....that makes me feel old 🙂 COOL song and video though 🙂

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