• Aaah.. sometimes you have those days… everything goes wrong!!

    I had an appointment this afternoon and because of the nice weather, I decided to go on my bicycle.. SO WRONG.. It broke down.. I had to walk to the store where it is now being repaired. I got a bike from the store so I could continue my journey.. Now I'm at home and guess what... I forgot the keys to my house!! They are attached to the keys of my bicycle....

    I had to bring my laptop to the appoinment and I have wireless internet at home.. so now I'm sitting in front of my house with my laptop.. typing this.. and collecting energy to return to the shop for my keys..

    And the clouds say.. 'It's over with the nice weather.... We'll bring you rain in about five minutes..'

  • That definately qualifies as one of those days. I hope your luck turns and things start getting better today

  • Oh…I hate those days!!! I hope things are looking up soon!

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