Microchip cancer report

Has anyone on this forum ever had a tumor develop in their dog because of microchipping?

Not that I have ever heard….

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

It sounds like the risk is pretty low, especially if you do not have a sarcoma prone breed (like golden retrievers.) For us, I think it is worth it, since our dog has such a high prey drive and runs so fast. If he gets away from us, there is not much chance we would be able to catch him. That is why we work so hard on recall, but if that fails, the microchip is the only chance we have of getting him back.


I have never heard of this either, but it seems very rare, so my take on it, would be rather get my dog back if lost, then not take the chance because of a very rare case of cancer…
Shoot, you get cancer just breathing the air now a days..

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