• Max's slipped disk may be more than we thought. He's not responding well to acupuncture or chinese medicine. The only thing that seems to help is Deramaxx (steroid) and that's not good for his liver. He feels really terrible when he's not using it. And it has gotten so bad he cries when he rolls over in bed. The new vet thinks maybe something worse is wrong. Has anyone else's B had spinal cancer or tumor? What were the symptoms and treatments? Were they successful?

  • One other question I forgot to ask - how quickly did the cancer/tumor start causing pain- was it gradual or sudden.

    Thanks for any input!

  • Oh, this is tough. I had a b who had back issues and would wake up screaming ever 1hr.
    We tried everything to control his pain..even morphine patches directly on his skin.
    We never could get the pain managed. We gave him peace of the rainbow bridge.
    I am so sorry this isn't more positive.

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