Anyone dealing with skin lesions? Cancer? Thyroid Issues?

  • My 8yr old male had what looked like a bite on his neck. I shaved him a little so I could look at it to make sure it wasn’t a tick (fairly sure it isn’t). Upon closer inspection if had a black surface, circular in shape and had actually formed a lump under the skin as well. It was not tender to touch at least.
    Cleaned him up a little and kept an eye on it for about a week now.
    Never bothers him. It’s just there. The lump under the skin is gone but the black marking is still there. It does not look like a scab either- no edges to it, no tenderness.

    Might or might not be related but his coat has been quite poor for the past few months as well. He’s on a fish based diet and gets fish oil supplements to try and combat the dryness/lackluster.
    Usually his is a soft deer-fur like coat, especially in the winter 🙂
    We thought initially it was stress related from loosing his littermate to Fanconi, and dry winter air.
    But it’s not gotten any better.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome- we are trying to avoid a vet visit with the COVID crap but my gut feeling is that this is either thyroid related or possible melanoma....

    He also has been more irritable and his ears have been bothering him too- I do clean them. So does his benji-sister... he’s never had a report of bad health all around. So yeah, I’m starting to get a little nervous.

    I’ll see if I can get an image up here for reference.... thanks in advance 🙂

  • Best to have it seen by a Vet professional... I would not avoid a Vet visit as this site are not Vets...

  • @tanza
    Thank you!! I’ll post back with results-

  • Vet - instantly !

    Good luck and let us know -

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