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Well Pam has already replied to me! She has already been a comforting force amidst this whirlwind we are navigating 🙂
I will keep everyone posted on the progress and updates with Jimmy Dog
Thank you again for the connection!!

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Also- the vet suggested we use TUMS 250 two times a day( we cut a 500 in half)instead of sodium bicarbonate

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Thanks for the replies!!
First off I adopted him and his litter mate thru BRaT so I do not have any of the breeder information.BRaT has been notified and they are contacting the 'breeder' (thankfully she doesn't breed anymore) to let her know. All I know is that the boys are from Idaho and one parent is not AKC while the other is. Apparently they are both carriers-
I am awaiting DNA results for his litter mate right now and I will post results when I get them. They are both listed in OFA as Jimmy Dog and Max Dog since they don't have official names/registration numbers.

We did a full blood panel on him along with glucose both blood and pee- I asked the vet to send me a copy of the results. She did call to let us know his potassium was borderline/low but everything else looked good. I will share as soon as I have them

Jimmy has always been quick to gain and loose weight usually in the summer to winter transition due to not being able to go run like a crazy guy in the snow. Him and his brother just don't like the snow or boots or coats for that matter 🙂

We (the vet not myself) have not called Dr Gonto regarding the protocol we just got a copy of the treatment plan for vets thru BRaT. They just started Fanconi DNA testing all of the dogs that come thru the organization 🙂

I did look thru Camp Basenji and found some interesting information regarding diet/supplements that I have shared with the vet- she has treated one other Fanconi dog that was induced by those jerky treats- the humans didn't bring the dog in until it was too late to do anything.

How are we supposed to monitor his levels all the time without a vet visit? The levels would change daily anyway....
our plan is to go every 4-6 weeks until he levels off without a change but, I am open to suggestions on that as well.

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My guy was just confirmed Fanconi Affected. Our vet is awesome and has agreed we follow the Gonto Protocol as suggested by BCOA. There has been no detectable organ/tissue damage at this point, thankfully....only symptoms he was showing was excessive drinking and peeing and glucose in his urine.
He loves food so getting him to take the supplements has not been an issue. We put him on a high protein Kibble (Natures Variety beef & lamb at 35% crude protein)
I did cut his portion down to about 1/4 cup 2x a day (he was at 1/3cup and was maintaining his weight at 28lbs).
I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to keep his nutrient levels up without him gaining weight- he started creeping up towards the 30lb mark and it's only been two weeks!
the only other treats he gets are Power Bites (beef) when I put the ointment in his eyes for KCS.
I'm open to all suggestions!
Thanks in advance 🙂

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