Basenji in Indianapolis Humane!

  • Hey guys, check out this handsome boy. His name is Manny and he looks like a full-blooded Basenji, boy. You can scroll down the page and see him here:

    Doesn't have his story listed so I called ASA I saw him on the site. We need to get him outta there! I know Indy Humane and if dogs are there for an extended stay, it really changes their behavior/personality for the worst.

    The shelter's close to me, so I'm going to go check him out and see what can be done, but the soonest I can get there is Saturday.

    Any other Indiana B owners can get there today or tomorrow to meet the guy and get his story?


  • Houston

    Good luck, Andrew, I am not close but wanted to give you virtual hugs fro trying to help this boy out..Let us know what happens.

  • Poor Manny, I hope you can help him out Andrew, you're a star.

  • Thanks for spotting this dog Andrew. If you can, see if you can fill any of the in the blanks in a BRAT style adoption list…....oops......sent to post instead of preview......

    Edit: If you visit him, see if you can fill us in on any info like what you'd find on a BRAT adoption information sheet. That's a doable adoption fee. If you can get him a foster home, message me. I'll send the adoption fee to you or BRAT.

    Thanks, Dawn

  • Hey all, talked with those at the IHS and this is the info I was able to get:

    call name: Manny
    dog state: IN
    DOB: He's estimated 4 years old.
    gender: Male
    color: Light brindle
    weight: 26
    spayed? Yes
    healthy? Yes
    Has all shots current, except needs Rabies.
    list medical info: Had a broken tooth when arrived at the shelter, but is fixed and healed now.
    temperament: Very shy, especially around other dogs but warms up. After adjusting, shows signs of wanting to play (pawing, bowing…etc)

  • Did anyone contact BRAT?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Did anyone contact BRAT?

    I haven't yet, no. I figured I would go and meet him first.

  • Contact Keath at America's Basenji Rescue.

    Kathryn D. Ladick

  • Did BRAT or someone go get this boy? He's not on the IHS website any more.

  • FYI - there is a pretty active Basenji rescue in the Indi area already - it is possible that they went and got him. I have to think about who is the lead person because other than a first name of Mary I don't remember.

  • @AndrewnShango:

    I haven't yet, no. I figured I would go and meet him first.

    Andrew its probably worth another call down there just to settle your mind.


  • There are also quite a few breeders in the Indianapolis area that might be his breeder. Brad Phifer is a breeder, dog trainer and worked at the Indy Humane Society…though he is out of town right now. If you can get this guy out, I bet there are a lot of people around there that would help you out.

  • Manny's no longer on the IHS site, which means someone adopted him. I did contact Rebecca and Keith at America's Basenji Rescue so hopefully they went and got the little guy…

  • I heard from Brad earlier today…and if this is same dog he was talking about, it was adopted by a person who had recently lost his/her B recently. Sounds like a happy ending 🙂

  • Houston

    Very good news indeed, Thanks for the follow up Andrea

  • Keath and Becky from The American Basenji Rescue in Indianapolis. They are great people, and just helped me in getting a boy out of the Bloomington Animal shelter. Archie the Senj is now living the high life with Kate Nefertiti (our first Senj) and I

  • Houston

    Cubbies..Nice to have you here, welcome..

  • Welcome and Happy Halloween.

    Rita Jean

  • Congratulations cubbies. Hope Archie and your Kate Nefertiti have a long and happy life with you. Please pop into member intro. thread and tell us about your "kids" and how they found you and your forever home.

    Welcome from Dawn and her "kids", Tyler and Katie.

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