Could this be a Basenji? He is listed as a Rat Terrier mix by the Richland County shelter in Mansfield, OH.

Here is his Petfinder page:

Here is a You Tube video of him:


kind of looks like a B to me

Most likely Rat, could be Rat/Basenji? Or Rat Terrier/Toy Fox Terrier

If I am not mistaken, short legs are a dominant trait and if one parent has this trait, the offspring will also. Those ears didn't come from a Basenji either. I think this guy is a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier with an undocked tail.

Maybe a Decker Rat Terrier? They are larger and look very basenji.

He did look like he had short legs but I thought his body was long for a Rat Terrier. I am so used to them having a docked tail and much more white on the body. I thought he may be a poorly bred Basenji. Mansfield is not too far away from the Amish area. I wonder if he barks much!


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