• Came across these girls while I was scanning for someone who had posted about wanting a B. They look so sweet (albeit purple in these terrible photos). Anyone know if BRAT is aware?


  • Catt, BRAT has just been hit so hard with puppymill b's.
    Did you send this post to them?
    If not, I will.

  • Ok, I just did.
    Hopefully, they will work with BRAT.

  • I know they are overloaded, Sharron. It's why we just went ahead and rescued without dragging BRAT into the process; they seem to have their hands full. Puppymills :mad:

  • Thanks for doing this!

  • BRAT does have the two LA girls on their website - and fortunately it looks like they're in a great foster situation in the meantime. Sweet things!

  • Oh, the 2 I am gettin I don't think are even posted yet.
    So, will let you know.
    Share the ones in Ca with your b liking friends!
    B's are like cornchips…can't have just one!

  • Actually I just met a couple over the weekend looking for a B, directed them to Karen at Medfly and said I'd keep an eye out. These 2 girls are in LA - as in New Orleans - not LA as in CA 😉 You're getting two more? You are a basenji angel, Sharron. Hope you have a big house 😃

  • Oh, I don't.
    I can only "have" 2 dogs, but I sure work like heavens to get the dogs matched from the rescue group to the home.
    worth more than gold to find the right place that cares for the dogs forever.

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