• Hi everybody,

    We have been lurking on this site for the last few days, reading stories and learning a lot.

    We are two thirty-somethings who live in Ontario, Canada and would love to adopt a basenji.

    My partner has had a dog his entire life but has been sans pet for several years now. Growing up I was only allowed to have pet fish (my brother is allergic to dogs/cats/dust/nuts/everything).

    I agreed that our pet would be a dog, as long as I could pick the breed. Since I am a planner I read up on a million and one dogs (too many to mention). Although they have a reputation of being mischievous, the basenji was my favourite. Winning qualities were looks (it is so cute), size, shedding characteristics, and the yoddel. I also like the fact that it is somewhat rare (too rare, as I am having difficulty obtainning one).

    I will continue reading your posts as they provide so much insight.

    Bernice (and sometimes Cory)

  • Welcome to the forum. Study this breed good my young friend. Look at all the posts in behavior and health. Always look beyond the looks. The Fanconi disease is the big one. They're a fun high energy breed that needs loads of exercise.

  • Houston

    Welcome Bernice and Cory..
    Good for you for doing your research before diving in. I am new to the breed, only had Otis for 5 mo. and I am head over heals in love with this breed..

    Yes, they are very intriguing, mischievious and funny..mine doesn't yodel, others yodel a lot, they do shed although not a lot and usually only once or so a year..they are clean, smell good (no dog smell, at least I don't think so..), and are every bit as stubborn as you might have read..
    I know that you can locate responsible breeders through BCOA..
    and through basenji club of Canada…

    If you would like to go the rescue route..BRAT is wonderful..

    Good luck in finding your wonderful basenji, let us know how your search is going..and welcome again to our wonderful world.

  • Hi Bernice and Cory, there are a number of breeders in Ontario. Go to the BCOC website and look for breeders.

    Here's the link
    I know myself and two other breeders for sure are having puppies this year.

  • Some say they are like a cat wearing dog pajamas. Welcome to the community. You will get lots of great information (and some really funny stories) here.


  • Welcome and good luck. Great reading and learning about the B they are great little dogs very strong mind and body. We got our first one in March 2009 it's been lots of fun a blast the least to say. We love her great baby.

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks for the advice/warnings.

    We did complete an application for BRAT and I contacted a few breeders in the area. I know it may be awhile before we get one of our own, but it will be worth the wait.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome Bernice and Cory.
    I wish this forum had been available when i got my first Basenji 15 years ago.
    Like you i did my homework or rather thought i had. Trouble is i read the wrong books and thought oh great a nice looking dog, doesnt shed much, no doggy smell, cute cat like traits and a yodel.
    When i got Benji it was like being hit with a sledge hammer between the eyes 😮
    In those days there was no one to ask advice from and we learned to manage him 😃
    That being said we have fell in love with the breed and i feel much better informed for when we get our pup.
    Good luck in your search

  • Glad you found us.

  • Welcome Bernice and Cory. Sounds like you're doing all the "homework". Like thunderbird, I wish this forum was here when I was researching the breed 13+ years ago.

    My two don't normally have a doggie smell, even when wet. They can however, acquire that dirty doggie smell depending on what's readily available to roll in.:) BTW..most agree here, their feet smell like Fritos!!

    Shedding….my female (Kate) totally blows coat in late Feb. and again in May/June depending on the weather. My male (Tyler) seems to be a gradual dropper of coat. Slips off the white hairs when you least expect it, but not all at once like Katie does, and not the same quantity.

    Good luck on your Basenji hunt and research:) Keep reading, there's a lot of info here!!

  • Say "out" for me - or is that just the Western Canadians that say it so cute?

    Welcome - my dad and his family were from Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

  • Welcome to our pack. If you've contacted some breeders then ask to visit a few more times so you can get a sense of basenji behavior. You've obviously done some research and talked with people and read our discussions here.
    Just keep in mind Fanconi disease (which can be tested for) and be prepared to have toilet paper strewn all over the house, some choice (and expensive) lingerie torn up, chew marks on the furniture, and dead animals dragged into the house. If you can get past all that, then be prepared to lose your hearts to these beasties.

  • @wizard:

    …prepared to have toilet paper strewn all over the house, some choice (and expensive) lingerie torn up, chew marks on the furniture, and dead animals dragged into the house.

    And, that's just the beginning! 😃

  • Just an update: Cory and I got our basenji pup yesterday. I will post more information very soon.


  • congratulations! and post PICTURES! 🙂

  • So happy to hear you got your new baby enjoy and when you have time tell us name and color, pictures. Good luck and best.

    Rita Jean

  • Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics. 🙂

  • Houston

    Ok, so I can't wait to see those puppy picture..

  • First Basenji's


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