Hello from Canada, new to Basenji World!!!

  • My name is Sanda Saunders. I have been involved with dogs and horses all my life. I do what they call "Natural Horsmanship". Our family lives in North-Eastern Ontario, in a small town called Deep River, West of Ottawa (the capital of Canada). Our 3 children are involved in Junior Handling and we love to travel all over Ontario and Quebec to dog shows. This is our family thing. We also love fishing, golfing, camping, horseback riding, Parelli Natural Horsemanship, going to the beach, volleyball, soccer, softball, fencing and movies. We are considering trying out lure coursing. It looks like fun!!! Breeding dogs and showing is a passion but it is something we do because we enjoy it. It is our way to have fun as a family. We have fallen in love with the basenji breed and are very grateful to our mentor Jennie Behles from New Mexico, USA who entrusted in our permanent care her World Champion basenji bitch Ahmahr Nahr Just Call Me Madam. Madam is now the pride and joy of our family and we enjoy showing her. She was bred to Jennie's World Champion stud Jake. In November we were blessed with our first litter of 7 healthy puppies. Wow what a blessing!!! We loved every minute spent with our little bundles of joy!!! They are so much fun. We laugh every day. We will start showing the pups in June. All 7 pups will be shown (by their new owners or us) and we are so exited to find out how everyone will do. One of them is scheduled to attend SICALAM in Puerto Rico soon and 2 others the World Show. This year will be a great one. I am so exited. Our everyday life is never boring. Speaking of which, I have to go play with the dogs now. Talk to you soon.

  • Welcome to the forums. I shall look out for your pups at the World Show. I am going to spectate.

  • Welcome to the forum 🙂 We love pictures!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

  • Welcome. I have met Rose Marie Holt who also has one of this womans b's.

  • Welcome from the west coast of Canada. Glad to have you with us on the forum. Oh, and in case no one said anything, wink we LOVE pictures!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Welcome. I have met Rose Marie Holt who also has one of this womans b's.

    She has more then one …....

  • Thanks for this info Pat. Its hard to keep track..

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum..can't wait to see pictures.

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