The fun theory..

Saw this today and it made me happy..thought I'd share my happy..

That's great Petra! Thanks for posting that.

That was lots of work and for kids it's great but the noise would make me stay on the rolling stairs.

Rita Jean

Brilliant would love to try it

Excellent, Basenjimamma…

Perhaps this may be forwarded to some of our governing powers so they may have an actually good idea upon which to spend our money. Just a thought.


They had stairs like this at our Science Museum in the front lobby and everyone liked it. But when the Museum moved into a new building the musical stairs went into a back corner and now almost no one uses them. 😞


This is a swedish group, the fun theory group, that is doing different things to (semi) prove that if things were fun we would use them more..
They also did one, with "the worlds deepest trashcan, and in those trash cans they collected 90lbs more then in the ones that weren't decorated and all..someting to think about..
Now they are working on a project to see if we recycle more if it was "more fun"..

Oh - EXCELLENT! Would use them all the time if they were somewhere around here!! thanks for posting.

Basenji Mix

How fun - wish we had a musical staircase. We'd put things away more often. And I agree with the recycling bins, they're so plain looking. Maybe the trash collectors would have better days.

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