I'd like you to meet Ruby…

  • This is my new baby Ruby, i picked her up last week 🙂 Isnt she precious?

  • Hi Jess, Ruby is gorgeous! What exactly is she?


  • Well, when she is fully grown (in about 6 months) she will look like this:

    A black capped lory 😃

    She was desperately in need of a bath when her pics were taken. They are nectar eaters, so the food you give them is sticky liquid stuff and she gets covered in it!!

  • Lovely! Brian and i debated over what she was. We look forward to seeing how she grows.


  • She's realy cute Jess, how old is she.
    I was glad Theresa asked what she was as i'm not too well up on birds 😃

  • Houston

    How cute. She looks to be beautiful..

    We have two zebrafinch babies in our little nesting box, they are about two weeks old and uglier then sin..lol.

  • Your bird is very beautiful love those colors. We have a blue fronted amazon our B just loves our bird (Sweetpea).

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks all!!

    Ruby is only about 13 weeks old, she should be all feathered up in another month or so, then she just has a LOT of growing to do!!

    Im pretty sure Maya would eat my birdies given half a chance…!

  • I love Lories. Sweet little Lorie you have.

    I had a Red Lorie who ate out of the dog dish with my Basenji (mix), Cinnamon. Cinnamon crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 2008.:(

    Cinnamon, aka CeCe, didn't like birds, but when the Lorie moved in and started saying "CeCe, come here!" "CeCe, go nighty." "CeCe, Mommy loves you." Cinnamon decided that the Lorie was worth befriending. They were quite a team!

  • Wow Jess, you have quite a zoo at home, lol 😃

  • That's a stunning bird! The color is magnificent. Do they screech and squawk really loud?

  • Ruby is gorgeous!
    I had a Budgie named Ludvik some years ago, he could tell his name and imitate some sounds. Also gived a kisses and used to sit on my nose :D.
    My father used to have Fischeri's Lovebirds and Mask Lovebirds.

  • Thanks all!

    Irena - I had a pair of lovebirds years ago, they were a pair of rescues i took in. Such pretty little things, great fun to watch! Mine werent at all tame though, they can give a nasty bite!

    Dan - They can be loud (like all birds) but they're generally regarded as being one of the quieter species. They are fantastic talkers. I had a rainbow lorikeet and he could sing about 5 songs (and dance along to it!!) as well as having a vocabulary of about 200 words. The black capped lories (what ruby is) are considered to be the best talkers so Ruby should be able to speak fairly well. She is already saying "hello ruby" 😃

  • Hi Jess,

    A Basenji she isn't … but a most beautiful black capped lori she most certainly will be.

    LoL from our our tricolour puppy girl called Ruby to your rainbow coloured beauty.

    Incidentally how can you tell it's a she?

    Regards Ron

  • You never know, she could end up copying Maya's yodelling so she could be an honoury basenji 😃

    The breeder DNA tested all of the babies to see if they were male or female 🙂

  • Sorry i cant join in Jess - am suer she is lovely but birds give me the heebie jeebies!

    You will need to give a warning in your titles next so i know if i can safely just look at the pictures of the beautiful Maya & the cute pugs, and avoid those flying things (i dont even eat chicken, have a real phobia about them!)

  • Beautiful…how long to they live?

  • My mum has bird phobia, she hated it when i used to have all the rescue birds in the house!! I shall be sure to put a warning on next time 😉

    Sharron - they live for around 20 years.

  • We were scared of our parrot when we first got him and I think he knew it. We would open the cage first thing out of his mouth was I BITE and that he would do. Then he get out of cage and thats when the fun would start. There is no way around it they can bite hard now we have a loving happy bird he will even tell you I love you and then I love me he is crazy.

    Rita Jean

  • He sounds like a character Rita Jean!!

    Lories are known for being very very sweet pets. You cant really get a better pet bird than a hand reared lory, as long as you can cope with the mess! 😃

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