Is this what a normal dog is like

  • As some of you know I have aquired my sons dog Lizzy a Lab/border mix. My son moved in as well but somehow I ended up with Liz. She followes me everywhere I go in the house. Its rare when she is not at my feet. She whines at the bathroom door until I come out. I just dont understand her.

    I take her on daily walks but if we run into people or other dogs the walks just arent enjoyable. (i'm pretty sure she wasn't well socialized) I have to keep her close because she growls and barks lunging all the while. Yet one time she got away from me as I opened the front door and raced after a dog with no aggression at all? Once again this dog confuses me. Off leash she seems friendly enough why on leash is she so defensive. Christmas we had a new person in the house and she was totally fine. Went right up and greeted her.

    About a 3 weeks ago we were walking down an alley behind my house headed home when out some bushes shoots this pit bull and attacks Lizzy. There was no warning, it must have saw us and went right in for the attack. It was on a line but that line reached outside their property I grabbed Lizzy and pulled her out of reach. This did not help her problem I'm sure.

  • Find a behaviourist to work with her. Obedience training will also help. She is exhibiting leash aggression. The closer and tighter you hold her to you, the worse the problem will become.

  • Under socialized dogs react this way because on a leash, they can't run away.
    So, it only gives them one way to react when scared.
    Finding a trainer to work with her, in a controlled setting is a very good way to go.

  • Leash aggression is a common issue. When dogs are on leash their "flight" option has been taken away from them so they will often become reactive on leash to try to make the other dog go away.

    I agree that finding a good positive reinforcement trainer would really help.

  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, try the Control Unleashed book. If you can, find a CU class. Pay close attention to the Look at That game.

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