Dog that looks like giant basenji?

  • A Friend of mine approached me today and wants me to come look at her new dog. She thought it was a shepard greyhound mix, but several people - including her vet - have told her it looks like a giant basenji.

    She said he is red/white with a white collar, white socks, and a tail that curls and has a white tip.

    I thought someone had once mentioned a dog that resembles a Basenji but is much larger/heavier.. maybe with a heavier coat?

    Does that sound familiar?
    When I get a chance to stop by her place, I'll take a photo and post it for help in identifying what she's got.

  • Well Pharoah hound and Ibethin sp hound are big with the upstanding ears and tail that curls up.
    A photo will help us give a guess.

  • Okay, THIS is the dog the vet said looked like a giant basenji??? Possibly a mix, the color pattern is similar and she does have a worried look about her forehead.
    I've asked for a better photo, and perhaps a side shot, but this is what I have at this point:

    Any guesses? I sure wouldn't have guessed shepherd/greyhound as she was told when she brought the dog home!

  • This is NOT the dog in question, but I found this basenji/rhodesian pic online today.

    Could this be what she has, I wonder?

  • I have a giant basenji… lol... oh ok... technically he is a boxenji. but he looks ALOT like the dog in the 2nd pic.

  • Where does your friend live? I do happen to have Portuguese Podengos and the big size HOWEVER I also have the only 2 in the US that are registered. I imported them directly from Portugal.

    That said - there is a guy in CA that has a few hunting stock not from Portugal but from the Azores - I have asked him for a picture as he also says they are Podengos - but didn't happen.

    The Podengo has a much narrower muzzle than this dog and does NOT have anything close to wrinkles on their forehead and their ears are up. A bit heavier than the Ibizan but same overall look.

    I would wonder about a Beezer and ridgeback or lab. And of course if you want to be bored with Podengo pictures go to my website that is under my name and click on the Podengo page.

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