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    Saw this today on our local Craigslist, and at first I was mad, upset, disgruntled and yes name it and I probably felt it. Then I read a little more and realized this ad is not an ad, it is basically somebody saying, in their own way, how sad it is when people post their pets on craigslist/kijiji or where ever, because they don't feel like keeping it..throwing it away, like a piece of paper…

  • I can certainly see where this poster (on Craigslist) is coming from. Our society seems to be more and more of the "throw-away" kind when it comes to everything….pets, children, elderly, let alone phones, TVs, cars, etc. People are "of the moment" and fail to even consider the long term consequences of their behavior. If only people would "think" - oh, but I guess that's pretty much the problem....:(

  • First Basenji's

    I saw that today, and I have to agree with the poster's meaning. I get so angry when I look on craigslist and other sites like it and see ads for animals where basically the owner just doesn't want the dog any more. They should have done a little more research or thought about the fact that the animal will be their responsibility for its lifespan, not just the immediate future.

    I agree, American culture is very materialistic and wasteful.

  • That poster makes an excellent point and I agree completely.

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