• sniff let me wipe my eyes….:o

  • My King Charles spaniel Bandit lived to be 16 years old. My youngest son had just turned 10 when we got the dog and he was 27 and married when the dog passed away. I always considered that I had 3 boys, Brett, Brandon and Bandit. When I'd yell for one of them usually all I'd get would be the dog and he'd look at me like What are you yelling at me for? I was taking a nap. In his later years he used to do what my boys called snarfling, rolling on his back in the floor and growling. Once when he was about 14 he was snarfling and got really still all of a sudden, and I thought oh no he's passed away trying to snarfle. But when I got up close he was actually watching tv upside down!!! Even in his later years he could still get excited about stuff like after 9/11 when we heard Celine Dion sing God Bless America and I started singing it to him. When I came to the chorus every time he'd throw his head back and go Woo Woo Woo! I've got a lot of other stories about him like the time he ran away on Christmas Eve and we had to cancel Christmas and the time he talked (he asked for a Ritz cracker). I miss my old dog….

  • Great story. Thanks for posting. Been there a number of times myself. You wonder where the time went as it seemed like just yesterday that same friend was an unstoppable source of energy and obnoxiousness.

  • What a beautifully written article - we watched our old Peek-a-poo, rescued from the street life, go through that, and it is that way no matter the size or type of dog. Thanks for sharing, even though it brought tears to my eyes. My B's are puppies, and hopefully I will not have to think of it for a long, long, time.

  • Houston

    I so wish this article would make it on the list of news worthy items to talk about on the news circuit through out the country..at least if it is seen by the millions throughout…maybe we can keep a few elderly dogs out of the shelters and off the streets..

    Thank you so much for posting AgileBasenji..it touched me lots..

    My two elderly dogs passed away in march and then again exactly one month later to the day..in april..very hard for me and my hubby, but also for our kids..these two dogs had been in our lives since we were dating and they were there when we brought Sofia and Lukas home from the hospital...through illness, happiness and age we have loved, laughed and hugged these two boys...we miss them so much..

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