Family Pictures in the Garden

Just some random photos i took earlier today 🙂

I love her smile…

with the family:

Poor Jovi:

And again…!

Maya and Riley:

Maya, Gracie and new baby Tansy:

Lure Course practice??? 😉


Great pictures. I love the one of Maya standing up on the wall, great angle.
Tansy, is (s)he a newbie..? Did you have more puppies? Tell us, oh do tell us.

Maya loves that little wall!!

Tansy is from my mums labrador litter. She is only 9 weeks old. Maya loves her!!

Great happy dog pics, love them.
Tansy is so cute

How many dogs do you have, Maya?

These are great shots Jess! I love the Pugs that come to my dog park.

Really nice pictures looks like everyone was having fun.

Rita Jean

I only have 4 dogs living with me (Maya and the 3 pugs) but my mum has 6 labradors!

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