Some pictures of Tilly in the garden

  • here are our first attempts at some digital pics of Tilly in the garden - of course the Dobes have to get in on the act too….

  • Tilly is gorgeous! also the Dobes.

  • Uh-oh - wait until my husband sees this! He wanted a doberman but I won & we got another basenji - I tried to explain 2 Bs would get along better…:) Yes, they are pretty (and handsome?) - I think tri is my favorite color.

  • She's a cutie!

  • All are very good looking dogs. I think Tilly looks lovely, but then I do have a "thing" for tris!

  • She looks lovely!

    Maybe see you at the shows later this year 😃

  • I really love the Dobers!!!
    I grew up with two Dobers, Inca and Arko.
    Two brothers (they never could be near eachother) those lived down the street..

    Once, when my dad and I walked our Spranky (Stabij) I played with Inca and his owner said to me, "if you get Inca with you, if he walks off the leash away with you, you can have him" As a little kid, I was soooooo happy….. 😃 I tried and tried... but Inca always run back to his daddy... hahaha

    When Kas (my husband) and I went sailing, we wanted a dog... A doberman was a dog, we both wanted badly (I also wanted a Rotweiler, A saluki or other sighthound, A nova scotia, a German shepheard.. etc etc) but we don't think it is a breed that can live well on a ship. and they were to big.. (don't look what kind of dog we now have next to the Basenji's.. hahahaha)

  • Hi,

    the photos are fab! Tilly is great but the Dobes are too! We considered Dobermans after our GSDs. The docking laws kind of swayed us but we'd always looked at the ridgebacks too so it was a close thing there. All fine breeds.


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