Chaos in the Garden

Just a warning… Theres LOTS of pics :eek:

Maya and Poppy in the house being silly first:

(The camera didnt like the lighting inside so excuse the blurs!)

Michael and Maya:

Maya and Una:

Michael and Poppy:

All 3:

(Excuse the bum shot!!!)

Maya on the hunt!

Michael and Una:


Maya and Michael:

Poppy and Una:


Maya trying to steal Poppy's Stick!

Got it!

Poppy trying to get it back…

Got it!

And again…lol

"Give it, I want!!"

…And that continued for AGES lol

Pretty Maya

And finally, she gave up on the idea of chewing the stick as she couldnt get it from the chi so she decided to just kill two birds with one stone…

Great pics Jess and I love the way Una is merrily munching away in the background lol

Fun pics, Poppy is a very lucky little chi to have found herself living with your and your Mum. Maya is great with her, obviously.

I love the one of the three botooms going back to the house!!!

GREAT pics Jess! Una seems so calm. Amazing!!!

Thanks all! Poppy certainly seems very happy in her new home and definately loves the big garden 😃 Maya totally adores her 🙂

Una is a sweetie, such a lovely temperment!

What a fun looking little pack, and how nice it is that Una is so close to the home. My mom used to live on a farm and said that regularly the horses and cows used to stick their heads through the back door (kitchen) window. Love the photos - many thanks for sharing them.

And the horse is paying no attention at all the merry making. Must be some delicious grass!

What a fun collection of pictures! Thanks for taking the time to share these! I don't know why, but the 20th picture really makes me laugh…looks like a basenji rocking horse!

Wonderfull pictures! Love the horse in the background. 🙂

Great pics, they are a great pack and Poppy is sweet and funny girl :D.

Lovely funny pics Jess 😃

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