• I took tonnes of photos over christmas, im only going to share a few of my favourites but this will be a very pic heavy thread 😃 Anyone on muy facebook can see all the 200+ pics i have on there :o

    Anyway, we're currently staying at my mums, thats my 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 hedgehogs and 1 lorikeet 😃 My neighbour is feeding the other pets and im just going back every couple of days to check all is well 🙂 The photos are mostly of the dogs, but i've put in some of the other animals too, not very festive pictures though!

    On with the photos.. Better start with the present opening! Major chaos, Delilah the pug went a bit wild and started shredding the paper on ALL the presents, and Maya just went along behind her stealing the toys!!

    Maya trying to work out what to do:

    Lilah just got stuck right in!

    So did Meg:

    Chloe turned 10 a couple of days before xmas:

    Logan and Lilah


    Maya and Logie:


    And a few of the little ones:

    More to come…!!

  • some snowy walk pics…

    Poor DeeDee has no coat as she had a litter only 11 weeks ago (the little fat puglet is her baby), so she has a thick fleece under that even thicker brown fleece!!



    Chihuahua in the snow!!

    Had to share this, communal peeing!!! And yes, the pug (Lilah) is a girl!! She lifts her leg to pee 😃

    A few more to come…!!

  • Some snoozing dogs:

    And how about some cats!

    Simon first… He is 16 now and a bit poorly. He has a large, (the vet thinks) cancerous lump on his back that they are refusing to remove because his liver function isnt perfect! Taking him to another vet for a second opinion....


    Dylan has taken to sleeping in a drawer:

    And Summer:

    And thats it! Well done if you made it to the end 😃

  • Lovely pics of your managerie, Jess. Looks like everyone had a great time. Hope the second opinion on Simon brings better news.
    Have fell in love with Oliver.
    Love the pic of the laughing Black and White Cat.

  • Wonderful pictures! Maya looks like she's trying NOT to wear those antlers.:) I also love Oliver, his colors are really special. The little puglet sleeping with the black cat is a great picture. Hope Simon has better news from his second opinion. Our 16 year old Squish, a tuxedo cat, died from a tumor growing like that, and they could not operate because of his age and they couldn't really tell what it was attached to. Not a good situation. Perhaps because it is on Simon's back, something can be done. My hat's off to you being able to manage such a lot of animals.

  • Houston

    Great pictures Jess. I love them all.

  • I always love your menagerie photos. So just keep pouring them on us. What an incredibly happy bunch of dogs with their presents and the paper it was wrapped in! You can really feel their joy. And of the cats, I have to say I like Dylan - he's found his own place to enjoy, and as my cat Wallace tells me, those papers warm up nicely from body heat and make a comfortable place to lay, in addition to making a cat feel very important overseeing all those documents. 🙂

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