• Well… Take two Basenji puppies on 10 and 15 weeks, ad a Giant, and stir. Voila - you have the Chaos Trio:

    Kahlo and Kasko

    Yes Tric is losing his coat. It was too long and we lost the part that goes under his belly somewhere - so eventually it had to just come off. He is a bit "chubby" at the moment…

  • Tric is a cutie!! It's good to see him so happy 🙂 I bet the three of them have tons of fun together!! 😃 😃

  • Oh yes - they are going to drive me mad. And I love it.

    He amazes me - he has never seen other dogs than his siblings and mother befor, he has never seen other people than the people who works at the boarding kennel and he has never gone for a walk befor, never had a leash or a colar or harness on him. Never been inside a normal house, never slept in a (human)bed befor, never seen a mirror befor and the list just goes on and on - and stil he adapts perfectly! (I don't count what happend before two weeks of age as I dont recon he remembers anything, at least I hope not). He is just like any other normal puppy.

  • That's good he isn't jotted by his previous home.
    Why don't you keep him? They are great trio together :D!

  • Oh no… Don't even say it! Lol. I don't think I can handle to basenjimales going through the teens together. But he is a sweetheart and I'm sure we'll fint the perfect home. 🙂

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