Pippin helps out in the garden…

…by keeping the dirt pile warm and comfy..

We had this dirt delivered thursday morning, it was cool outside but the soil has so warm it steamed...very nice Pippin thought and parked his butt on top of it...he stayed there for 4+ hours....moving every so often when the sun moved..can you say happy basenji?

It even tastes good..

Moses…you want to join me?


King of the hill….

Hehehe, then he gets in the clean bed with you..laugh.
Love this.

Ha ha…. we have had piles of soil like that before, and the steaming coming off of it was.... turkey manure. 🙂

Looks comfy! Warm, soft and high, perfect place for a Basenji! 🙂

Delightful pictures, Petra


yes..he was in heaven..or at least a little closer to heaven 😉

He looks very happy. When we first moved to Missouri, I was planting marigolds and looked behind me to see basenji Katie had followed me and pulled each one up. I figured that was a pretty good skill to encourage, so I brought her out with me every time I was weeding the flagstones and she would pull up weeds beside me. Xander and Trog have followed in her footsteps and help me with the weeding every summer.


Lisa, what an adorable story..great help..

I did learn not to plant anything inside their yard, everything I plant is outside the fence.

I hope you're not going to take his pile away!!


Patty, I am working on it..shoveling it around him..'cause he ain't movin'!!

These are so cute! The captions make it all the better, too! haha


Patty, I am working on it..shoveling it around him..'cause he ain't movin'!!

He's a very pretty boy. I laughed when you said that he wasn't movin', Cairo is like that. He'll stand in front of the sweeper, me, lay on pillows, back of the couch, you name it. If he wants to stay there, dynamite couldn't move him.

Ooooh steamy – manure?
Gossy loves to lay in the bare ground in the flower beds or the straw piles in the veggie garden in the spring too (straw definitely smells better than the manure piles :))

I love his face. Great pictures!

Oh boy, I can only imagine how intoxicating that pile is to a Basenji. The dark colors absorb a lot of sunlight energy, which Basenjis seem to thrive on. 😃

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