Lots of Phone Pictures - Maya and Family

Well due to someone accidentally chewing my camera :rolleyes: I had to use my phone to take some photos yesterday. I have the cheapest, rubbishest (is that a word??) phone… with a camera on it to match! So the pictures are terrible but this is our new walk that i found. Its a totally enclosed (with 6ft wire fencing!!) huge field so perfect for little Maya to gallop in. Yesterday was her first time there so i had to take pics..

Now for the embarrassing bit.. I said i have just found this walk. I've lived in my house nearly a year.. Now here is a very poor quality picture of exactly where the field is, this was taken out of my spare bedroom window .. Its the field behind the yellow thing :o I dont know how i've missed it for a whole year!!

Anyway, on with the pictures!

Riley lab:

Riley, Delilah & Maya:

And some of Maya charging around - she did a lot of this!

That black dot in the distance is Maya lol

She had to come and have a cuddle! Doing her whippet ears :p

Eyes closed - perfect lol


Maya posing:

Back home later on… She got put out in the rain, bless her! Im so mean!

Begging to come in… Or trying to climb through the window, i never know which...

And Jovi:

I love the pic of her Whippet ears. When Nakura does that we call her 'Simples' as she looks like the meerkat from the Compare the Market.com adverts. I will try and find piccies for you to see.

Looks like a great place for the dogs and they're having a lot of fun.

What a lovely field and looks ideal for Basenjis. Maya really looks as though she is enjoying herself as do the others. (well apart from being left out in the rain !) I think they are beautiful pictures - the camera doesn't matter. (was chewing your other camera it a basenji 'accident'?!!!)

Fun day for the dogs wasn't it!

Don't they just hate the rain? North GA has had down pours for weeks.
Glad I own a carpet cleaner! :rolleyes:

The pic with the whippet ears… ahhh

how could you let them out in the rain.... ?!?!


Lovely pictures and really good ones for coming from a cameraphone. My pics always suck from the phone, and forget trying a moving target. The dogs looks as if they are loving it, good for you for finding such a treasure, an enclosed area where the dogs can be dogs-safetly.


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