Lots of Pictures of Maya and Family

Just some pictures i took in the garden a little while ago. Excuse the state of the garden, im digging half of it up to put paving down for a kennel/shed and the rest just seems to have turned to mud :rolleyes: Nightmare!! Will be glad when its all paved and gravelled!!

Anyway, thought i'd share…



Riley paddling :mad:


Maya, with Riley on the rabbit hutch:

Maya giving me kisses 😃

Pestering Riley

Pestering Jovi

And in the house drying off and playing:




(This would have been a good pic if i hadn't cut her nose off!!)

And some playing pics:

I wasn't lying when i said there were lots anyway…. :o

Great shots! There's this great Pug that comes to the dog park named Marty that Buddy tries to play with but Buddy's a bit overwhelming for her so she gets in between my legs with her little tail wagging a mile a minute. I want to take her home!


So cute..thanks for sharing..

You have such a great pack of dogs! Lovely to watch!

Your pics made me smile, love the ones of Maya kissing and doing a play bow. The playing pics are great you can almost hear the Dogs,lol.

nice pictures 😃
how are the pug puppies doing by the way? 🙂


Ah-haha! This one is funny! 🙂 …...must escape from crazy basenji......

Thanks all! 😃 Its always like this at my house, just chaos…

I think in that pic above Maya has hold of Jovi's tail.... She's so naughty!

Great pictures Jess, as always.

Great picutres!

The lab's are also very beautiful!!!!

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