• What a sweet little girl!I just love tris….kiss for Maya!

  • Great pictures… she s soo cute...

    I can imagine you can't stop taking pics when she's so cute hahaha

  • Cuuute and very pretty girl! She's getting big!!!! :eek:

    And.. who doesn't love Ben & Jerry's.. 😃

  • She's too cute to be a pain.

    I love the markings. She has such a cute little racing stripe 😃

  • Pretty girl! She actually looks VERY innocent of any 'senji bad behavior. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a beautiful pup!:p I assume she finished the Ben and Jerry's;)
    Play with me, feed me, scratch me, Play with me, what trouble can I get into, feed me, scratch me, and on and on.

    Great Pictures:D

  • She is so pretty! I never got to see any of mine as pups, so watching a pretty tri grow up is a treat.

  • I am actually pretty lucky, i am yet to experience any of the naughty basenji behaviour that everyone warned me about whilst i was looking for a puppy 😃 Maybe she is just saving it up then she's going to suddenly turn into a naughty little monster!! lol

    And yes, i was a terrible basenji mum and did let her lick all the last bits of ice cream from around the tub! She is just as bad as me with loving things she's not allowed lol! Chocolate she loves, and she seems obsessed with coffee. If i have a cup of coffee she climbs me to try and get her head into it lol!! She's a funny little dog 😃

    Can you believe how big she's got so quickly? I miss my cute little puppy!!!lol

  • ohhh she is a beauty I do love the tri. My first was a tri girl so they have a special place in my heart

  • She just gets cuter & cuter! 🙂

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