Puppies!!! Warning: Lots of pics and lots of cuteness!

Here are pics of Lana's first litter, as promised. There are three red/white boys, and two red/white girls.

Right after whelping:

One day old:

Three days old: excuse the quality of pictures, they are quite the wigglers!

Female 1:

Male 1:

Female 2:

Male 2:

Male 3:

ooo I loooove male 1's markings..

Lana looks right at home with her puppies. Is she being a good mum?

Look forward to seeing more photos as they start to become mobile 🙂

Congrats 🙂

Beautiful pups! They all look fat and healthy 😉 🙂 And they are lovely marked! Do you want to keep a boy or a girl?


They are beautiful…congratulations on a wonderful litter. How exciting, can't wait to see them grow up..

Very cute litter…. love fat little piggy puppies...ggg And Lana looks great too

Here is a tip for you.... get some A&D ointment and daily put on the pups tail tips. We have found over the years that they get "tail crude"... a bit like cradle cap in human babies. It can lead to them losing the tip of the tail. I have used this for years on any litters that I have after having the experience of almost losing a tail tip on one puppy many years ago.

Such a sweet bouquet of puppies! And Lana looks like she is being a super Mom to them. Congratulations!

Oh my, I can almost smell the breath. Lana looks like a good mom, too. Congratulations on a darling litter.

Gorgeous babies

At last. Aren't they cuties and Mum is obviously enjoying them.

Very cute babies!:)

More pictures, as promised!

Four days old:

One week old:

Mom and pups are doing great, pups are eating non-stop, and are almost three times their birth weight already. Lana is being an awesome mom, she takes really good care of puppies.


So happy to hear all is going well…love the pictures.

What happy fat little pups they are… you can see that Lana is doing a great job... Remember that (how cute they are now) when they are running rampant all over and into everything every two seconds!!!! gggg

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