Wish me luck

I may have found my next dog. I have begged my head off for Nelly .. I mean groveled, begged, stood on my head 😞

but she is promised to FL and the guy won't budge. So Jack from BRAT called and said to take this gal for foster and if I like her… problem solved:

OMG she is cute. I really wanted a pup under a year but this one is so darling. Needless to say I won't keep the name "Prissy" (shades of Gone With the Wind)… but I so hope she and Arwen get along.

That little tri girl is adorable. Looks like she's engergetic and eager to please - make a great little 'gility girl.

Oh she is such a cutie! We just adopted a second B, so we have them 9 months and 16 mnths, and that play is such a fun thing to watch. Yours look like they are having a lot of fun together - congratulations!

She looks like you might have to rename her "trouble"!!!

Good luck! She is a lucky girl!!!

She is very cute little face. Happy for you and your new family member. Have lots of fun.

Rita Jean

Well no new dog for me for at least a year. Spent last 20 mins on phone fighting with husband, but he is right. I promised him no fosters til Connor was gone and no new pet til we had all the bills from Sayblee and Katana paid off… which honestly even if everything goes PERFECT will take me at least another year to clear off the credit cards. I am sitting here crying but occasionally he is right... I made a deal.

First Basenji's

She's adorable! Good luck, I hope everything works out!

DebraDownSouth I am so sorry but things have a way of working out.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

Oh no, I'm so sorry! It will be worth the wait when the time comes, but it doesn't make the disappointment any less.


Sorry to hear about your happy thoughts and then your not so happy conclusion. We are somewhat in the same boat..but there will come a day when you will find the perfect little companion for your pack..

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