• I need some advice, the more I read, the more I see that cooked bones are bad for dogs, I need something for tupper to chew on. He has nylabones but doesn't really like them. I also give him bully sticks, those he LOVES but he eats them so quickly. Does anyone have an idea of what I can give him to chew that will last longer then an hour?

  • Does he like stuffed kongs? That's another option. Although, I don't know of anything personally that will keep a dog occupied for over an hour. At least not mine.

  • Ours looove antlers. They are a major hit and have lasted very well.

  • We buy the largest Bullys we can find, and at least 12 inches long. (I throw away the last couple of inches, they will swallow whole). They last for at least a day, even for Eddie.

    Stuffed Kongs are good, as Nemo said. Mine didn't care much for antlers, but a younger dog probably would love them!

  • Houston

    there is always the hooves, the stink but ours love them.
    I give mine raw bones, like knuckle bones or shankbones in big pieces, last forever and they are a huge hit. The marrow is very yummy, but if the dog is not used to them, they can get loose stools from it, not because it is raw like many thinks, but because the marrow is very rich and fatty..yumm-o. Kongs are popular, just not with my dogs, the ropebones are fun too, but only if a human plays with them..

  • Be careful giving hooves, they can cause slab fractures.

    Stuffed kongs can last for well over an hour if they have been frozen and you just wash and restuff. On Thursday, Nicky stole a carrot while I was prepping dinner, you would have thought it was the best chewie in the whole wide world the way he acted.

  • Marley-mutt adores dried pigs ears but they don't last very long!

  • Whats a slab fracture Ivoss please?

  • Houston

    My dogs do love carrots to, but they leave such a mess, and orange hue on the floor, a million tiny pieces, but the love'em.

  • Does anyone know anything about pig femur's? The reason I ask is Tupper had a pig femur and started getting pieces off of it and we felt we needed to take it away. He just got neutered a couple days ago and we are trying to find him things to chew so he doesn't lick. We tried the e-collar but he can get it off. I think my biggest worry is that he is upset and I want to make him a little happier.

  • None of my 3 basenjis like the normal nylabones. But Nylabone makes a product called a Dental Dinosaur that they all love. It is still the hard nylon like the nylabone but it is shaped like a dinosaur and has nubs so I think it must feel good to them chewing. They love them - especially the brontosaurus.

    When Ruby was spayed I gave a new bully stick every day. I ordered a bunch from bestbullysticks because they have the super thick 16" variety. I also didn't give pain meds as I wanted her to take it easy. She never needed an e-collar.

    Oh and I also give marrow bones that I get at the butcher. I scoop out most of the marrow as it is so fattening.

  • Our two also love antlers.


  • our dogs love chewlotta bones and they last for more than an hour. two of our brothers work at del monte that make them so we get a ready supply. but i dont give them one every day. they are not very messy either… just have to wash their paws when they are done. and sometimes their mouth. lol

  • @hamez:

    He just got neutered a couple days ago and we are trying to find him things to chew so he doesn't lick. We tried the e-collar but he can get it off.

    Here is a great option to do instead of the e-collar

    This is my foster after his neuter, he was CRAZY and go go go, so we always getting a cone in the back of the legs and it was rather uncomfortable all the time. Also since he sleeps in the bed, a cone is not comfortable under the covers either.

    All you have to do is take a large hand towel, fold it in thirds long ways and then wrap snugly around their neck. Don't worry, you really can't wrap it tight enough to choke them. It should go from the base of skull to shoulders. I use wide collars on my critters so I just used that to secure the towel, just loosened it then made it click snugly again. Like I said it is not going to restrict their breathing and they can still move around, but can't lick the wound if you have wrapped it correctly.

    Sorry some are a little blurry, like I said he didn't sit still. I know he doesn't look very happy but I did catch him at a "towel change" moment. They can use the same towel for about 3 days before they would need a new one just from wear

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    Basenji Fan..ingenius Idea..I will use that one day when fixin' it is in our future..

  • I give Gossy frozen marrow bones every other day (and yes it does loosen her stools somewhat) and it keeps her occupied most of the day - of course part of the time she is looking for a place to hide the bone while it defrosts (like in the couch pillows - :eek:).
    I also make up frozen yogurt/mashed banana/peanut butter/kibble mix bones or kong toys - though these don't last all day.
    Pizzle sticks (pig version of bully sticks) and denta bones are also big hits with her but they rarely last more than an hour.

  • Great idea, Basenji Fan…Will definitely keep that one in mind.

    One thing I know NOT to give AJ is rawhides. They make him sick. Instead, I try to find beef rib bones. He can work the bone and get to the marrow. I'll let him have it for about an hour then put it away for a while. Every time I get the bone back out it's like his birthday all over again. And, no, I don't have any problem with food or treat aggression with him. He lets me have it without complaint.


  • 😃 Wizard your mention of Gossy hiding food made me laugh. We lost Benji in Feb and the other day i was cleaning behind the cushions on the leather settee, and yes i dont do it very often 😃
    Theres more to life than doing that 😃
    Anyway i found ?4.31, a lighter, a mobile phone and loads and loads od dog biscuits that Benji had hid, it was a bitter sweet moment.
    He also once hid a smelly old bone under my husbands pillow 😃

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