• Joey loves to chew on plastic. He chews on plastic water bottles, plastic frisbees, etc. Does anyone let their B do this? Has anyone had problems with the plastic cutting their gums or damaging teeth? It takes a long time for him to get through these things and it is the first kind of "chewy" he goes for.

  • Max loved chewing anything plastic–including ball point pens. Although I don't think he ever swallowed anything--some dogs do. I always tried to keep anything that was not intended to be chewed away from him (I wasn't always successful as you can see since I know he loved chewing pens....) because he could accidentally swallow something, and I do think it can cut the gums. The enamel on his teeth was pitted also, and I think that was from chewing on things that weren't meant to be chewed--so tartar built up on his teeth more quickly because the enamel was rough and pitted.

  • Chewing the plastic is not SO bad..but I would not let my B's do it for fear that they may wind up eating plastic :eek: and that can be dangerous. It can get wedged into their intestine & rupture. We had a terrible experience with this not too long ago.

  • I agree with MaxB. All of mine would just love to chew plastic and do when they can. I don't think I've ever seen them swallow any of it, but I usually take anything like that away from them. I also notice they like to chew thorny or picky branches, looks yummy.:D

  • I also notice they like to chew thorny or picky branches, looks yummy.

    What is the deal with that?! Mine do too :eek: I hate that..I think they may swallow a piece & get a splinter in their tongue or something :eek: 😃 😃

  • Bummer. I will take Joey's plastic away. (Sounds like a title to a song :D)
    I guess I knew it really wasn't the greatest, but it keeps him busy for a long time. I watch him and he always "seems" to spit out the pieces he breaks off, but I just don't want to have an accident. I am going to try an edible nylabone today and see how long that lasts. Haven't seem him go for the pricky branches yet.

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