• Can someone recommend an edible chew bone that is not rawhide and will last for a few days. I usually get Cali pig snouts or meaty bones, but those only last 1 or 2 days. I stopped giving her rawhide because she does not tolerate it well. Since she loves to chew a lot I am looking for something that is safe, but that will last for more than a couple of days. Any suggestions?

  • I have heard that digestible nyla bones last a bit. I have not tried one, but actually plan to get one today. I don't use rawhide even tho Joey will do flips for it.

  • I used to have a min pin and we all know how small they are, he would go through a nylabone in like a day. Depending on how hungry or how much your pup likes to chew will determin how long it lasts. They have larger ones now but I wouldnt count on them lasting too long. I also read just yesterday that once the "knuckle" on a nylabone is gone you are supposed to throw it away. If you follow that it would be even shorter.

  • Have you tried butcher bones, like beef knuckles? Raw only, if cooked they become brittle and can splinter?

  • The nyla bones last a couple of months in our house! And they've got different flavors also that my B's love 😉

  • I give Joey raw butcher bones that he gnaws on for hours even when the "good" stuff is gone. I will only give it to him in his crate tho as it can be messy. I then have to do a little tidying in his crate. Once the good stuff is gone, he can take it out of his crate. He has quite a collection of bones!

  • Where do you find the butcher bones?

  • I have tried Nyla bones and they only last 1 maybe 2 days. Maybe I will give butcher bones a try. Can I get them from the meat dept. at the grocery store?

  • yummy, Jackers LOVE the busy bone, its kinda hard on the outside, but easy for him to chew, and it keeps him going for a while, it has a soft meaty center…check it out...

  • my dog loves Bully Sticks. I usually buy the ones made by Red Barn. Here's a link:


    I only buy the 12" or larger variety. As soon as the stick is chewed down to about 3", I throw it out.

    another long lasting one is a filled hoof, by the same company.


    • warning - these stink!!!

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