Edible chew bones

Can someone recommend an edible chew bone that is not rawhide and will last for a few days. I usually get Cali pig snouts or meaty bones, but those only last 1 or 2 days. I stopped giving her rawhide because she does not tolerate it well. Since she loves to chew a lot I am looking for something that is safe, but that will last for more than a couple of days. Any suggestions?

I have heard that digestible nyla bones last a bit. I have not tried one, but actually plan to get one today. I don't use rawhide even tho Joey will do flips for it.

I used to have a min pin and we all know how small they are, he would go through a nylabone in like a day. Depending on how hungry or how much your pup likes to chew will determin how long it lasts. They have larger ones now but I wouldnt count on them lasting too long. I also read just yesterday that once the "knuckle" on a nylabone is gone you are supposed to throw it away. If you follow that it would be even shorter.

Have you tried butcher bones, like beef knuckles? Raw only, if cooked they become brittle and can splinter?

The nyla bones last a couple of months in our house! And they've got different flavors also that my B's love 😉

I give Joey raw butcher bones that he gnaws on for hours even when the "good" stuff is gone. I will only give it to him in his crate tho as it can be messy. I then have to do a little tidying in his crate. Once the good stuff is gone, he can take it out of his crate. He has quite a collection of bones!

Where do you find the butcher bones?

I have tried Nyla bones and they only last 1 maybe 2 days. Maybe I will give butcher bones a try. Can I get them from the meat dept. at the grocery store?

yummy, Jackers LOVE the busy bone, its kinda hard on the outside, but easy for him to chew, and it keeps him going for a while, it has a soft meaty center…check it out...

my dog loves Bully Sticks. I usually buy the ones made by Red Barn. Here's a link:


I only buy the 12" or larger variety. As soon as the stick is chewed down to about 3", I throw it out.

another long lasting one is a filled hoof, by the same company.


  • warning - these stink!!!

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