• Many things, but it's fun show basenji what to chew

  • First Basenji's

    My fave moment was the first day I met my baby girl she was running around with all her siblings and she starts chewing on the corner of a post in the kitchen at her breeders house and looks at me with this sweet B smile and cute soft eyes going to town on this post and I was like… ohhh I see how its gonna be loll! Luckily with training we don't have any issues like that now a days. Once as a puppy she was pissed she was in her cage and her wire crate was too close to the wall she decided to chew and dig a hole into the sheet rock and then the bottom of the plastic tray where she tore up the carpet. She was not interested in her kong or any of her bones she had in her cage, the wall was way more interesting.. now she has a plastic crate that isn't so exposed. She has not had one problem with the crate maybe it feels more homey or something. She is becoming a better dog everyday, I am so proud of her, best baby dog ever! ❤

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