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I am a new member as of today and have two Basenjis: an 11+ year old Matriarch from BRAT that I have had 9 years now (pictures to follow) as well as an almost 3 YO boy from Apex AND two other Non-Basenjis: an adorable 3 year old Eskie girl and an almost 3 year old Lab/Beagle (highway puppy we found about a year ago.) We have a very happy, loving little pack. I am sure you will all get sick of hearing from me!!!

Lauma, Zenta (Zeenie), Cali, Tater and Talis (Ty)

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pics!

Welcome and love to see pictures of all kids.

Rita Jean


Very welcome to all of you. We love pictures.

Glad you found us.

Welcome to our insanely devotedtobasenji group :)!

Wonderful to have you and the pack aboard the forum!

Hi welcome to the forum, look forward to hearing more about your pack.

Welcome from the UK. I'm sure you will find lots to interest you and feel at home with us all and our Basenjis.

Welcome…looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you!

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