• I've lurked a bit while I was researching Basenjis and I'm delighted to say Fiji has now joined our family. She'll be 3 in July - I picked her up last weekend from a woman who couldn't keep her following a tough divorce. I had been looking for a rescue basenji and had a home visit coordinated by Karen at Basenji Rescue recently. Then this little girl just floated magically into our orbit.

    She's a doll…though now that she's had a few days to become confident that we love her and will keep her, she's testing. Typical B, from everything I've read. We downsized to a small loft with a big view in an urban environment a few years ago and haven't had a dog in this kind of environment. But she loves walking the neighborhood and hanging at the office with us.

    Already, I can't imagine how I ever lived without a Basenji! Thanks for allthe good info on this board!

    Catt with a dog

  • Welcome to the pack. get some pictures up when you can 🙂

  • Thanks - just figured out how to add a photo avatar – not sure yet how to post photos but I'm searching! 😉

  • Welcome Welcome!!!! Your avatar pic is very cute, can't wait to hear more about your new addition and see pics

  • Welcome and Congrats!!!

  • Welcome to the forum! 🙂

  • Hi and Welcome to Basenji Forums,

    You can find some help about how to post photos and other photo related questions here:
    **Forum Help & Information


  • Welcome!! And how sweet of you to rescue your little girl 🙂

  • Thanks for the welcome messages, and for the tips on posting photos! I just posted a Day in the Life of Fiji in the Show off your Dog forum. 🙂

  • Thanks for joining us and for the pics:D Welcome!:D

  • Hello and welcome!

    Enjoy your basenji girl!

  • Welcome to the Forum. I hope you are having a blast with your little girl! I used to live in So-Cal and now live in CO…we're getting our B at the end of the month and from everything I hear about how they like the sun & warmer weather....I think a B would like So-Cal better cuz its warmer down there! 🙂 Ours will just have to tough it out in the crazy Colorado weather. LOL

  • Wee are having ablast with her indeed. I've taken to heart what I've heard a few times on these forums: a tired Basenji is a good Basenji. She and I walk and walk and walk.

    And, yes, I think they're happier in the heat. Fiji is not too impressed when it's foggy and cool in the morning. Can't imagine they'd love snow, though I know there are a lot of folks from cold climes on these boards.

  • Welcome to the pack!

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