A unexpected loss for the Basenji comunity

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    I was not sure where to put it, the Rainbowbridge seemed not right for me.

    Rest in Peace, Jennifer!


  • she couldnt beat her illness 😞 she only was 57 years. She passed away last Tuesday 11 august.

  • From the site of the Dutch Basenji Club:

    _Demise of our Chairwoman Jennifer Gielisse:

    With great sadness the news arrived today that our chairwoman and co-founder of
    ?The Basenji Club Netherlands, Jennifer Gielisse passed away in hospital.
    She died at the age of 57 years.
    Jennifer was someone who did not walk away from any confrontation.
    Because of her commitment to the breed, she was one of the main forces in getting
    the Brindle color to be recognized within FCI.
    The Basenji Club Netherlands shall miss her knowledge within the Breed,
    particularly in her breeding program.
    We will also miss the passion she has for the Basenji and the Club.
    We wish her family lots of courage with
    their loss, and in the upcoming grieving process.

    Board of The Dutch Basenji Club_

    Rest in peace, Jennifer

  • Houston

    Very nice tribute. So sad to hear of her passing.

  • Sorry to hear that. I had heard she had taken not well at the Euro Winners show in Dublin.

    R.I.P Jennifer

  • To the family please know Jennifer is not gone just away. I wish the family the best at this time.

    Rita Jean

  • Jennifer had been ill for many years, almost since I met her many years ago, when she bought Fallohide Zindarella Liberty - we kept in touch over the years and I must admit it is with great sadness I received the sad message of her passing -


  • It's so sad.. she wasn't ready to go 😞

    We just had spoken to her on the phone a few days before she died.. she should call us back for something but that won't happen anymore..
    She still had so much plans and ideas for her breeds..

    Rest in peace… thanks for everything you teached us Jennifer..

  • To all of you that knew her, condolences sent your way on her passing. It sounds as if she has left you all a wonderful legacy.

    Hugs and prayers from the States, and blessings to her family.

    Soulmate, IMHO the rainbow bridge thread would have been a fine tribute for her. I plan to meet all my 'family' there when my time comes. 2 and 4-leggers.

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