Fanconi test results


Today I checked the OFA order status (as every day) and there it was!!

Both boys tested Clear for fanconi!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we only have to wait for the official certificate and the result to be placed on the OFA website!!!

But we know, they are clear!!!!

Congrats. The waiting is hell isn't it. I'm hoping to get my other 2 results back this week to. Will keep you posted.

Congratulations on your test results

Thanks all!

Benkura; the waiting really is hell… (we knew the parents all are clear but still..)
Good luck, waiting!

Congratulations Buana, you will be very pleased.

Congrats Buana & Chafuko…and their humans!

Today I recieved the certificates!!!!!

Now it's official!! both Boys prob. Clear!!!!!

Great news about both boys! Congrats!

Brilliant news Chafuko and Buana 🙂

Wonderful news. Happy for all of you. Time for party treat.

Rita Jean

Great news….


What an awesome picture..clear is huge news, congrats..

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