Who is who and owns which dogs….

  • I think Sally has had a good idea, maybe it would be a little more informative for all new users if we could start a little list here, which should be up dated by every new member its self.

    Maybe we also could have this sticky….

    to start with, I will do the first step.

    Soulmate = Esther
    Kennelprefix: Seelenfreund's
    Basenji Jester (Old Legend's Anam Chara, Dec 2004), Father of our A-Litter
    Basenji Banshee (Old Legend's Banshee, Dec 2006), Mother of our A-Litter
    Basenji Panda (Lis Glamur Velikaya Panda-Monkey, Nov 2007)
    Basenji Shakti (Seelenfreund's Aphrodite,, Dec 2008)
    Basenji-Mix Gromit, born 2002
    Galgo Espanol Vega, rescued from Spain in 2005

    • 5 - 6 Cats (but the quantity varies, as we often shelter cats in need as well)


  • great idea Esther!

    Ibi-n-sane = Marianne from the Netherlands
    kennelprefix : v. Oxymoron
    we breed ocassionaly a litter, do some shows, and go to coursing and racing track with all dogs.

    Basenji Thirza : ch.Ayod?l? Aliz?e v. Oxymoron ( living with my parents, mother to our C-litter )
    Basenji Lio: Suntribe's Choice ( living with my parents, mother to our D-litter )
    Basenji Kalusha : Kalusha ( m other to our A + B-litter )
    Basenji Jenson: ch. Tambuzi Jetset Jensen ( father to our C+ D litter )

    Galgo Espanol Barakah : jch. Grey Mountain Buenaventura

    Ibizan Hound/ Podenco ibicenco:
    Solar: ch. Rosenhill's Centifolia Blanche Fleur ( mother of our "the cure"litter )
    Cy: jch. Halo v. Oxymoron
    Smitthy: jch. Just Say Yes v. Oxymoron ( hopefully the mother of our next litter next year )

  • Hey, good idea 😃🆒

    irena, Czech Republic
    kennel: Asthenia
    We like looong walks, dog shows, maybe will do some coursing and racing…

    Basenji 1: Multich. Greasy Gui Ananty (Geasy) 8yrs, 5mo
    stud dog

    Basenji 2: Multich. Abanda od Nehvizdske studanky (Abanda) 5yrs, 6mo
    mother of A, B and upcoming C litter this year

    Basenji 3: Bujumbura Yeji Asthenia (Buju) 18mo

    Basenji 4: Zahleka Zanzkrit (Masai) 7mo

  • Zande = Sally Wallis
    Basenji 1. Plessy (will be 15 in August)
    Basenji 2. Chezz (will be 11 at Christmas)
    Basenji 3. Firbi (just over 9)
    Basenji 4. Trouble (will be 9 at Christmas)
    Basenji 5. Keepurr (about 3.5)
    Basenji 6. Hoover (about 11 months)

  • Buana = Kim van de Lest (netherlands)
    Kennel: none, we only have two stud males.

    Basenji 1: Buana Bizi Toka Kilima (Buana, will be 4 in December)
    Basenji 2: Chafuko Amani Toka Kilima (Chafuko, will be 2 in December)

    Ibizan Hound: Hello I love You van Oxymoron (Hailey, will be 3 in Mai)
    (Hailey is from the first litter of Solar, from Marianne)

  • What a good idea, would be great as a sticky, then people could easily refer to it.
    Basenji- Chief Yogel (Benji) RIP 😞
    Other Dog-Max lovable giant cross
    Two Tabby Cats-Tom and Jerry
    Hoping to get a Basenji Pup soon 🙂

  • Janneke = Janneke 😃 😉

    Basenji, male: Mirtillo/Tillo = Elegant Elephant Mirtillo (19-12-2007)

  • heres me….

    Elscodobermann - Scott Wright
    Kennel affix - Elsco

    Basenji - Tilly (Jethard Dusk Til Dawn at Elsco) age 20 months
    Dobermann - Ona (Veederhall Awna Promis at Elsco) age 4 years
    Dobermann - Humphrey (Elsco The Next Generation) age 9.5 years
    Dobermann - Tess (Elsco The Private Dancer) age 14.5 years!
    Siamese cat- Bourneville (cos he is a chocolate point...)
    Siamese cat - Ali

  • Good idea, especially for me as a "newbie" to get to know the basenji people i chat to at shows!!!

    Affix = Silverbriar

    Basenji: Maya AKA Tokaji American Dreamz of Silverbriar 6months.

    Non Basenjis that i show:


    Silverbriar Athelstane (Beau) 2 & 1/2 years
    Silverbriar Saffron (Saffie) 18 months
    Silverbriars Nutmeg (Megan) 4
    Lady Rowena of Silverbriar (Chloe) 9


    Luvum Bon Jovi at Silverbriar (Jovi) 12 months
    Eastonite Silverbangle at Silverbriar JW ShCM (Gracie) 3 years

  • This is a great idea; I was trying to put something similar together off line myself.

    JISGARD – Steve & Sue Gray (I wish I had not used all Capital Letters!)

    Kennel affix - Jisgard

    Basenji – Poppy (Woodella Northern Delight of Jisgard) age 6 months
    Golden Retriever – Lilly (Tonara Cherokee) age 2 years
    Standard Wire Haired Dachshund - Bella (Teckelgarth Andromeda) age 11 years

    Previous Basenjis – Lots (Type Jisgard into Sally’s database if you are interested)

  • Great idea…here's my info:

    renaultf1 = Kim

    1. Ruby = Ch. Eldorado's Bejeweled (4yo.)
    2. Brando = Am/Can Ch. Sternhimmels Generis Sui (4yo.)
    3. Aaliyah (Liyah) = Eldorado's The Chosen One (6mo.)

  • Hi Guys. This is me:

    Benkura = Vicki Miller
    Affix = Benkura


    Benji - Kalrinda Ekundu Kidibu (Dassita Kourou by Kalrinda ex Kalrinda Koffi) 7 1/2 years

    Nakura - Antefaa Nakura Wood Nymph ShCM (Antefaa Amazoula Akwa ex Antefaa Meligi Solitaire) 5 1/2 years

    Chance - Ch Benkura Take a Chance On Me ShCM (Bubas the Barnstormer ex Antefaa Nakura Wood Nypmh ShCM) 2 1/2 years

    Trouper - Benkura Super Trouper (Bubas the Barnstormer ex Antefaa Nakura Wood Nymph ShCM) 2 1/2 years

    Non Basenjis:

    Megan - GSD - 11 1/2 years
    Dougie - BC - 14 years
    Tomsk - Norwegian Forest Cat Cross 10 years

    We show and breed the Bs and are hoping to get into lure coursing/racing.
    The other animals are rescues.

  • Lisa Tyler
    Affix: Shernazar

    Current Basenjis:
    Ruby (Ch Domewood Ruby Tiger of Shernazar, 14 1/2 years)
    Bryn (Ch AB-SS Money to Burn at Shernazar, 6 years)
    Ezri (Ezillie's Ayida Wedo over Shernazar, Bryn's granddaughter, 17 months)
    Keiko (Akmar Nebettawy at Shernazar, 17 months).

    No longer with us; numerous Basenjis over the years, and my two lovely Borzoi, Lucy and Flora (Starborough Aster of S. and Starborough Guinevere of S.) pics on my website!

  • Tanza = Pat
    Kennel Name - Tanza

    Current Basenjis - DC Tanza's Kenyetta,SC,LCM (Kristii - 15 in December)
    Emerant Fopaw TriWizard at Tanza,CGC,JC (Kobey - 3 end of Dec)

    Waiting at the bridge: CH Bushbabies Obviously Jazz (OJ passed at 17yrs 4 months), BISS CH Zuri's Obviously Maggii (Maggii passed at 16yrs 9 months),SC,FCH and MBIF DC Zuri's Ti-Tanza Wazi Ajabu,SC,LCM6 (Mickii passed at 15yrs 11months)

    Plus other, both at the bridge and/or living with wonderful families.

  • Rita Jean = Rita Jean

    Jaycee Tag Princess Of Wild Spirit Basenji was born 12.26.08

    Rest of Gang:

    Sterling Steadman Rusty Stud AKITA be 6 years in Aug 2009
    Sir Duke Of Courtney HIMALAYAN be 15 years in Aug 2009
    Sweet Pea BLUE FRONTED AMAZON (parrot) 7 1/2 years
    Bolts (Bo-Bo) POM 5 years Sept 2009 Road Kill Rescue (we love him never again they never stop barking I think he barks to hear himself)

    Gang with two legs
    Steven - Husband
    Ashley - Daughter
    Elijah (Eli) - Son
    Granny who was 91 in April that also lives with us.

    As they say gang's all here.

  • lvoss = Lisa
    Kennel Name = Kinetic

    At home with:
    Nicky - DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VetFCh, JOR (11 yrs)
    Rally - DC Sherwood's Shadow of The Moon MC, LCM, VetFCh, JOR (8 yrs)
    Rio - FC Kinetic Sourcery SC, FCh, GRC, SOR (4 yrs)
    Sophie - FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, FCh, SOR (2 yrs) co-owned with Pat

    Co-owned living with my mom:
    TC - FC Sunbird Sudnly Follow The Lady SC (6 yrs)
    Cole - DC Kinetic's Enchanted Knight SC, FCh, SOR (4 yrs)
    Bella - Kinetic-Enchanted Timeless Beauty (8 months)

  • Kananga = Chase

    Basenji: Kananga - 15 months

  • Quercus = Andrea (and Tim)
    Kennel Name = Quercus

    Current dogs:

    Am/Can Ch. Select Quercus Rubra - Querk 12/98
    Select Quercus Infinite Velocity JC - Ivy 11/00
    Taji-Rennek-Platinum Quercus JC - Blondie 1/02
    Ch Taji's Closing Bell at Quercus JC - Bella 12/02
    Quercus Taji What In-Carnation? - Hippo/Carl 12/07

    and recently passed:
    Quercus Select Incandescent - Luna 12/04

    and several others that have lived here for various amounts of time 🙂

    Tim - husband, co-owner, co-founder, and kennel help
    Ethan - 11/03
    Aaron and Adam - 7/08

  • Basi = Jenny Rix

    Affix = Gooses

    Current - Basenjis

    Cali - Bushwacker Hurricane Hattie at Gooses (6 1/2 years)

    Kwame - Gooses Burnt Ember (4 years)

    Belle - Mutabaruga's Inner Circle at Gooses (Imp Deu) (18 months)

    Many other Basenjis and Buhunds at the bridge.

  • Houston

    Cool idea..

    Basenjimamma = Petra
    Ventura = hubby
    Sofia = 9 yr old daughter
    Lukas = 4 yr old son
    Basenji - Otis von Sverige Spunk = Otis 6 months on July 5th
    Dachshund - Gus was 5 yrs in March
    Schnorkie - Luna will be 1 year July 28th
    Foster B - Bana will be 3 yrs in October
    We also have two lovely dogs, Lou ( mutt) and Bogus ( Westie) waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
    As well as a Mainecoon Cat, Lucy, she is a rescue, we have no clue how old, but we do know how big…16lbs..

    12 chickens and 3 roosters as well as a couple of geckos and two Zebra Finches...
    it's a Zoo I tell ya' !

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