• Hi guys!

    I registered a little while back, but have had little time to actually participate in the forums.

    Anyways, I am a soon to be Basenji owner!

    His/her name will be "Gizmo" (no idea what it will be since they have not been born yet, I am hoping for a male).
    Not very original I know, but when I was testing out names with my family while showing pictures of the breed, Gizmo really stuck to everyone's hearts. He/she will be a red/white, so it is fitting. 😉

    I live in Europe, Norway. It's gonna be an adventure to see how willing Gizmo will be to go for walks during our wet weather and going to the toilet!

    I have been told from the breeder they expect birth to take place around July 1, and hopefully there will be a r/w Gizmo there!

    I am currently reading everything I can about Basenjis, and planing what equipment to buy. Maybe someone can help me out?

    My first "obstical" is the plane trip to bring him home. I will travel out to get him, and I have decided to take him in the cabin with me. I just don't like the idea of a 8week old puppy in a noisy plane cargo hold. He will already be having a dramatic time being separated from his mother and siblings, I just don't want to put him through that as well! I need to build a trust after all! :p

    So what size is the average Basenji at 8 weeks? Would something like a shiba bag be the way to go? I don't want to get a too big or small of a travel bag.

  • Hi Gizmo and welcome to the forum. You'll find all the info you need here. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Hi Gizmo, welcome to the forum.


  • Hello Gizmo and welcome to the forum:D

  • Welcome Gizmo to the forum. We will expect pictures when you get him.

  • Houston

    Welcome Gizmo, from a fello scandinavian, Sweden, although I live in Texas, USA. That is so exciting, I bet y'all can't wait for that little Gizmo to be born..
    How far away is your breeder? Will it be a long plane flight? I would not put that young of a puppy in the cargo hold, if it is possible for you to pick him/her up. Here in the states, when you go to our bigger petstores they have several different sherpa bags available and the ones approved for plane travel are marked with either a sticker or a label. I don't know how it is in Norway, but I know Sweden have similar things. AS far as necessity for bringing a puppy home, I would look at getting a crate/kennel so you can crate train Gizmo as soon as you get him/her. Get one that is large enough for him/her when fully grown, preferably with a divider screen. If they don't come with that don't fret, you can easily make any size crate smaller by inserting boxes in the back of the crate to make the area where the puppy will be small enough for it not to want to pee/poop where it sleeps. I would of course also see what type of food the breeder is weaning the puppy on to, so you can have that ready. If you don't like what she is using simply change slowly to a different brand a week or so after you get him/her, that way Gizmo won't be overwhelmed with new people, new house AND new food..
    Sometimes when puppies are that young it can help to have an old type alarmclock that ticks somewhat loud wrapped up in a towel or blanket in the crate so the puppy hears a "heartbeat" like his moms. We have something here called "snugglepuppies" that works similar, but you might not be able to find one so therefor the alarmclock would work.
    Good Luck and let us know as soon as Gizmo has arrived. Don't be afraid asking questions, there are loads of people on here that would thoroughly enjoy helping you, myself included.

  • Welcome to the forum!! Can't wait to see pics of little Gizmo! What breeder will he/she come from?

  • Welcome at the forum!!

  • Welcome to the forum, how exciting to be getting a Pup.

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