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Gonna bump this topic.

In a Basenji book i bought they recommended a 69x51x48cm (27x20x19 inches) crate.

But reading what you guys use they seem larger than that.

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What size is a 8 week old pup? I hope to be able to take my pup in the cabin with me in a sherpa bag, but there is a size restriction on the bags.

And whats even more annoying there are different restriction according to the plane company. One allows 43 x 31 x 20 cm (length,width,hight), and another is 40x25x23cm.

But since a Basenji averages at 40-43cm full grown I can't picture them being 20cm at only 8 weeks….or?

It's a short flight for me, around 1hour.

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Hehe, thanks for bumping the topic! I was just about to make a similar topic!

I have yet to get my Basenji, but I had made my mind up on using a grinder. I was not aware that this implied using a Dremel though. I always thought that the high speed would be uncomfortable to the dogs, and that there was a specific dog grinder tool.
Guess I learned something new today.

I saw Ceasar Millar on the Dog Whisperer help a dog get used to the grinder, and I am deffently going to use that method. He had the dog relax (rubbing/petting), turned it on, let the dog relax again, and then turned the grinder upside down and used the back end (the battery pack) it to massage the dog. Rubbing it over the dog, and up and down his legs, and eventually his feet.
After a while the dog enjoyed it, and it's face was truly relaxed. Then he started using the grinder on the nails, and the dog was not so frantic about it.

That is totally the approach I plan to do when I get my Basenji. I think I will also just use the grinder as a massage one in a while so it is not just associated with nail grinding. Hopefully, if it all goes according to planned, he will willingly lie down and let me grind his nails whenever he hears it…or idea yet. 🙂

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Hi guys!

I registered a little while back, but have had little time to actually participate in the forums.

Anyways, I am a soon to be Basenji owner!

His/her name will be "Gizmo" (no idea what it will be since they have not been born yet, I am hoping for a male).
Not very original I know, but when I was testing out names with my family while showing pictures of the breed, Gizmo really stuck to everyone's hearts. He/she will be a red/white, so it is fitting. 😉

I live in Europe, Norway. It's gonna be an adventure to see how willing Gizmo will be to go for walks during our wet weather and going to the toilet!

I have been told from the breeder they expect birth to take place around July 1, and hopefully there will be a r/w Gizmo there!

I am currently reading everything I can about Basenjis, and planing what equipment to buy. Maybe someone can help me out?

My first "obstical" is the plane trip to bring him home. I will travel out to get him, and I have decided to take him in the cabin with me. I just don't like the idea of a 8week old puppy in a noisy plane cargo hold. He will already be having a dramatic time being separated from his mother and siblings, I just don't want to put him through that as well! I need to build a trust after all! :p

So what size is the average Basenji at 8 weeks? Would something like a shiba bag be the way to go? I don't want to get a too big or small of a travel bag.

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