Teeth… What age?

I remember with my last puppies when I saw a tooth on the rug. I panicked as it was huge I assumed it was an adult canine tooth. So Douglas & I went frantically round all the adult dogs checking their mouths but nothing. Then I thought to check the puppies and right enough it came from Chance - he now has really long adult canines!! They do like to keep us on our toes and frighten us from time to time.

We keep Benji's teeth in an old camera film spool case. 😃


I' glad I found this post, I was just wondering the same thing about Otis' teeth. Thanks for the info.

We have a collection of Milo's baby teeth too! Not sure how many more to come out. His gums were quite sore a couple of weeks ago and he was really unsettled at ringcraft that week. Seems better now though. He's 5 months old now too so that seems about right. It's a shame they can't tell us if their mouth hurts.


I have never seen my Basenjis baby teeth once they've changed them. They've probably swallowed them at the time (or else been eaten by the respective mums!!!!!!)
I'm looking forward to seeing this year's crop of puppies in the show ring. It's nice to know that we have several this year. I wish everybody success.

I'm glad I happened on this thread as well. I found one puppy tooth from Shaye on the floor, but as of tomorrow she's 5 months, and I've never found another - I guess she swallows them….we have noticed her teeth are looking far more dangerous these days.


I was just wondering what age basenji puppy teeth are all out generally?

Maya's front teeth are all through but at ringcraft last night i gave her a little bit of chicken which she was chewing very strangely and i noticed her mouth was bleeding a bit so had a look and one of those big teeth at the back (no idea what they're called :o ) was hanging out :rolleyes: So i gave her a little bone/chew thing and it came out easily enough but now im wondering how many more we have to come 😕 I know with my pug pups their adult teeth are usually through by now!

In our experience the teeth should all be out between 6 and 8 months.

Jason and Miranda

Bendji becomes 6 months tomorrow. He lost his last canine a week ago and I managed to collect it ! So now I have 3 puppy teeth in my collection, 2 molars and one canine !:)
IMO it won't be long until Maya will have her permanent teeth:rolleyes:

Ripley is just a little over 5 months and I think he only has one baby tooth left. I just found one on my bed yesterday! 🙂

Just to let you all know, Maya lost her last baby tooth about a week or so ago so has a beautiful set of big teeth now 😃

Puppy teeth are lovely but it is a relief when all the little 'needles' go. 🙂


Puppy teeth are lovely but it is a relief when all the little 'needles' go. 🙂

Ain't that the truth! :D:D

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