• Hi to everyone. I would like to introduce you our basenji boy Ankan. We are from czech, and the best activity is racing and lure coursing with our basenji.
    Anything about us you can see in our website.
    I hope I will find a lot of information and friend in this forum…

  • Welcome to the forum!!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

  • Welcome, I can't wait to see pictures!:D:D:D

  • Welcom to our forum – absolutely love the picture of Ankan with the flowers. He looks soooo proud of himself 😃

  • @wizard:

    Welcom to our forum – absolutely love the picture of Ankan with the flowers. He looks soooo proud of himself 😃

    Thanks for your welcome.
    Yes, he looks:D. It is a nice snap.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome from Illinois, USA. Glad to have you here.!!! Would love to see not only pictures of your dog, but pics of your city/country as well.

    Again, welcome.

  • Welcome to the forum!!!!

  • Welcome welcome! Always nice to have more Czech Basenjis 😉

  • Thanks all of you:)
    Somethink more about our life with basenji and our country…

  • I've noticed from several of the non-US B owners that post pics that their B's are off leash… are they in some kind of really large fenced area or do their B's trustable off leash?

    Lovely pics! I particularly like the one where he is in front of the water looking back over his curly tail. 🙂

  • I think it all depends on where. I know that janneke uses a really long leash and harness a lot, but I think that they generally trust their dogs more. Outside the US, the dogs are more of the family and can go with owners to all the stores, the zoo, walking around more, and there are a lot more open wilderness areas that are far away from roads and such, so the dogs can run more free.

  • Most of Europe isn't as widely "urbanly developed" you might say… We can take our dogs a lot more places and I don't know about in other countries but in Switzerland for sure, when you take your dog up into the natural parks and open spaces there are no cars because everyone walks ...

  • There isn't a lot of real nature in the Netherlands.. so Tillo is only loose when there are other dogs around. I don't know if I trust him more.. But I don't like to see him off leash when other dogs can run free.. Next to our home there is a field with 4 roads around it.. Tillo does walk off leash here.. I just hope and pray he stays with the rest of the dogs….

    @Medik: love the pics!

  • Yes, we have a lot of places without roads. I trust my dog, but I often use long leash and harness as Janneke. Basenji is "free", and the leash lies on land. He obeys much more with it. But if he sees hares on field he becames earless, than I have "ten meters long time" to stand up to a lash and stop my basenji:D

  • I really loved the pictures, Medjik… thank you for sharing!!!:D

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here. Nice B.


  • I would like to introduce you our new basenji. Its a girl Energy and now she is 7months.

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

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