Mucky, Muddy Basenji!!

We visited my mum today! She has a couple of paddocks that my horses used to live in and they are rather flooded. Maya went for her first paddle in the mud 😃 Enjoy the pics!!

And she was being a cuddly baby on the sofa lol!

Washing our mucky feet:

How cheeky does she look here? :lol:

We were definately NOT nibbling the computer :rolleyes:

Getting sleepy..

Like a little kitten sleeping 😃

What a pretty girl! She didn't look TOO dirty. LOL!

She really was lol Had to towel her off before she was allowed on the sofa lol

She is soooooo pretty.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.. you're killing me!!!! Stop those picturesssss!!!!!!

She's adorable… 🙂

I agree with Janneke… she is to cute.... 😃

Here's some more i took today, just cos its such a beautiful day. Sorry for boring you all with these 😃 lol

Boring.. boring.. boring…


Love the second pic of her trotting around 🙂

very sweet and handsome girl…


I love the pictures of her cleaning her feet, what a strange expression! She looks very tempted with the corner of your laptop, I hope you didn't speak too soon regarding her chewing, I beleive her mother has chewed up a few sofa's in her time!!

She hates having muddy feet lol She's so particular about that.

I expect that she will destroy a few pieces of furniture in her time as well lol But she's a good girl so far 😃

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

Too cute…how old is she now?

I want her!!!!!!!!!

She is 14 weeks old now i believe 😃 It seems like i've had her a lot longer than 6 weeks though lol

So cute. :D:D:D

The laptop chewing…I can relate to that. I have a MacBook (white plastic...can we say, HUGE nylabone from a dog standpoint), as you can well imagine, my 13wk old b pup, Liyah, tries to get her teeth on that whenever possible. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

She is lovely! I suspect you will have a lot of fun with her in the show ring!

Great photos! I agree, those of her cleaning her feet are very funny!

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