Basenji Country

How wonderful to be able to let your b's run free…

I would love to have big open spaces like that to let mine out free.

One more….where's Emmy Lou?

Where is that? It doesn't look far from my house. I don't trust Medjai, but if I drive 15 minutes, that's all I see is mountains and foothills.

It's near Eldorado Springs…..Dowdy Draw Trail;)

I knew that looked familiar! 🙂 Colorado is so darn pretty…I can't bring myself to move anywhere else. :rolleyes: Looks like your B's are having a blast!

soooooo jelous….. my girl would have so much fun! that makes me feel sad. I feel like a bad B mom since she has a tiny backyard 😞

Lou and I are going to Mt this summer and taking the b's.
I hope my 2 can do a bit of running in the fields.
Lovely photos.

Very beautiful! I'd love to get Dallas out in an open place like that. Maybe someday…in the meantime he's more of a woodsy dog 🙂

Definitely jealous! I used to live in Idaho, b.b., and really miss it.
Nothing around here where I would feel okay about letting EL D run free.

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